the tourists who come to Angra are special. They always have good intention, want to be close to nature, see beauty, breath fresh air. They are people who dream of a better world and come here to "recharge their batteries", to restore faith.

Angra dos reis is in one of The many valleys of The Sierra Mountain range ( Serra do Mar ) at Rio de Janeiro State. The ocean is protected by The Long Island ( Ilha Grande ) with some help form The Gipoia island, making Angra bay very safe. It is like na Oais .

From Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, coming by car or bus, you will take The BR 101 . It is called Rio-Santos route. It has 600 Km form one end to The other.

By bus

Rio - Angra
Costa Verde Transportation
- Tel: 55 21 233 3809 - Novo Rio Bus Station
Departures: Daily - every hour
Duration: 2 hrs, 45 min.

São Paulo - Angra
Reunidas Transportation -
Tel. 55 11 62218811 - Tiete Bus Station
Departures: Daily - 8:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 21:30
Duration: 7 hours


By car 

You can rent a car at Rio or São Paulo's Airport.  It's a nice trip through the beautiful Rio-Santos highway.

Coming from Rio

you must follow the Brazil Avenue till its very end, by Santa Cruz, you take road 101 ( BR 101 Rio – Santos ) to Santos. Angra is one-hour drive after the crossing of BR 101 and Brazil Avenue. 

Coming from Rio but from the South Zone of the city like Barra , Jacarepagua, Leblon, Gavea etc you can come through Santa Cruz, instead of getting on Brazil Avenue. Follow the Americas Avenue till its very end. After Santa Cruz you will find the Brazil Avenue to Rio. Return and right after the Police Station you will find BR 101 to Angra.

On the way you will find some cities like Itacuruçá, Muriqui, Mangaratiba, Conceiçãi de Jacareí, Jacuecanga and other districts. Do not forget to look out the window to contemplate the beautiful scenery.

Passing Verolme Shipyard you will be ten minutes from Angra dos Reis.

Coming from Sao Paulo 

The way from Sao Paulo is very tempting ypu will find many historical cities in your way that compete with Angra. Specially Parati, a piece of art of the Fluminense coast. Very beautiful.

Taking the Dutra Avenue (or Ayrton Senna) that will be followed most of the time.

through Caraguatatuba

If you are not in a hurry, it is a good choice. On the way you will pass little beach cities like Caraguatatuba itself and Ubatuba. The road is uneven, reflecting the atmosphere of sand, sa;lt and wind passing sometimes in those little cities. You will take longer to get to Angra but it’s worth it. Getting back on the coast follow the road to Angra.

through Ubatuba

Another option. There are less pit stops than through Caraguatatuba. It’s a sharp road but comfortable. The road is also not so uneven but it is better be careful. It is also shorter then the way through Caraguatatuba.

through Barra Mansa

It is “heavy Metal". The fastest but most dangerous way. There is no side lane, no maintenance, lots of curves and tunnels. There is always a police blitz on the way.

It is a pity because taking that way to Angra you will find an amazing view of the city, seen from the top of the Sierra Mountain range surrounded by the rain forest.

Do not forget your camera. If you drive carefully, very, very carefully it is worth the adventure.

Other transportation

In Angra there is an airport but with very few regular flights. The airport lane can only support small airplanes even though there is a project to enlarge its capacity. We will keep you informed.

Sailing to Angra is very nice. With a safe boat the only surprise will be nature’s beauty. An important hit: stay away from “Restinga da Marambaia” between Rio and Sepetiba. The Brazilian navy owns it and it was chosen to host military training and activities. 

Take the beauty of Angra back home with you…

…. And come back anytime you need to recharge.

Good Trip!
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