The company BARCAS S/A (EX - CONERJ) maintains the regular transportation to and from the island, but the only possible destination is Vila do Abraćo (the commercial center and most populous village in the island.



Angra - Abraão

from Monday to Friday:
15:30 h PM
saturdays, sundays
and holydays
: 13h30 h AM

Abraão - Angra

Every day at

10:00 AM 
If one wants to reach other destinations than Vila do Abraćo, alternative transportation is avaible for reasonable prices, leaving generally from Santa Luzia Quay, in the center of Angra dos Reis. Please, contact the Center of Tourist Informations, right in front of the bus station. Many lodging-houses have their own boats in order to serve guests.


Abraćo - Mangaratiba

Every day at 

Mangaratiba - Abraćo

Every day at

Friday extra at: 

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