Ipanum (Island), Guaçu (Big). That's how The Indian's "Tamoios" and "Tupinambas" used to call these 193 Kms square of beauty and 106 beaches, waterfalls and mountains.

The old jail house of "Dois Rios" (Two Rivers) allowed The tourist exploitation to be slow and controlled, keeping nature untouched. Back That time when The jail house was still working we could usually  hear that an outcast had ran away and was probably looking for a boat to help him scape to The continent.

As The jail house was extinguished The number of tourists grew and with it grew  a structure of Inn, Bars etc to provide comfort to The foreigners . Of course since then we have being very careful with The island natural resources.

The Abraão Village Main urban nucleons full of inns, restaurants, bars and handcraft shops.  There are walking tracks through the forest that lead to the beaches, water falls, and historical monuments like the aqueduct and the old leprosarium of the Black Beach. The most famous beach is Lopes Mendes, the first one on the south extreme facing the open sea. Good for sports like surfing and windsurfing.  You can follow one of the walking tracks with beautiful view to get to the Abraham Village.

Still on the south extreme there is the South Beach a biological reserve created during the seventies when the island became a Federal Park.





Volta para "Explorando o Paraíso"

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