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After The Brazilian coast was officially discovered by The Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral in 1500, The Portuguese crown sent to Brazil a naval fleet composed by three ships to draw a map and exploit The new discovered continent. The colonizers that were already impressed by The beauty of The Guanabara Bay got even more impressed afterwards.

The naval fleet commanded by The Portuguese navigator Gaspar de Lemos got at The Long Island (Ilha Grande) in January The 6th 1502. It was "Kings' day" (Dia de Reis) and because of this special date The place was named "Kings' Creek "(Angra dos Reis). The constant rain and The air always hot and humid of The summer were decisive to make them stay in Angra a special moment. One of The members of The naval fleet wrote to Portugal.

"Sometimes I felt The ecstasy of The flowers and trees' perfume so strong that I thought I had found paradise. And  what I will say of The great number of birds, full of colors and their tunes, how many and how beautiful? I won't say more because I Know you will never believe me."

The primitive village was raised by the aboriginal people, slaves and explorers sent by the Portuguese Crown. The local activities were mainly related to fishing, hunting and subsistence agriculture. In that time Ilha Grande, an immense island which is nowadays one of our most famous tourist points, abounded in wood and provided perfect places for ship-building. It used to be called “Ipaum-Guaçu” by Tamoios and Tupinambás, its original inhabitants. 

In the seventeenth century Angra dos Reis, still having Vila Velha as its comercial and political center, was a constant background of violent robbery and piracy:

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