Angra dos Reis is well known because of towns’ nice sailors and boats in great number of sizes and shapes. Many regattas happen in the city with and very festive ambience.

 The wind is better during wintertime or in the spring and fall. During summertime the sea belongs to the motorboats always running fast and making little waves.

The east wind blows fast and is usually followed by good weather. The southeast brings rain and heavy winds. One wind that can bother sailors at night is the Northwest, hot, not cloudy but very strong. When the northwest is blowing the better thing to do is wait at some place like the “Saco do Céu” until it stops.

There are a great number of Marinas and Clubs offering services and nautical support. The whole area is nice if you intend to spend the night over sea. The most well known spots are Saco do Céu and the Sítio Forte creek at Ilha Grande (Grande Island). At the continent at the Ribeira bay there are very nice creeks like the Retiro Beach and the Enseada Beach.


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