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Fish Market-Place


Foto: Fernando Pegorer


The Municipal Market, popularly known as Fish Market-Place, was built by local authorities in 1914, having been ideated by the engineer Rosalvo Mariano da Silva. This place was originally situated at the seaside, what facilitated the access of  fishing-boats and the trim of the hold. However, a great extent of sea along our commercial center was covered with earth in the early 50ís and the building is nowadays far separate from the coast. Maybe for this very reason this place enjoys no longer the same popularity as in the past, being its stalls mostly occupied by small fishers. Recently the building was largely reformed, but its original characteristics were carefully kept and almost every stall is presently open and working in good conditions. 
Instead of a real fish-market, there was an informal market in this place before 1914, where fishers exposed  and sold their products out of doors.


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