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Chafariz da Carioca


Chafariz da Carioca , popularly known as "Bica da Carioca" , is a centennial monument. The fountain itself already existed, although bearing a cruder appearence, even before being effectively built by the municipal council in 1842. Originally, according to historians, the fountain was made in bamboo spouts and the water which spouted out used to be delievered home in barrels, being carried by a mule named “Malacorre”. The monument is surrounded by an atmosphere of enchantment and mystery, sustained by popular beliefs and legends. Some visitors, exemplarily, insist on drinking from its water (according to the legend those who drink from it will feel permanently attracted to Angra dos Reis) . Although it is rather a poetic belief than something seriously taken, many of those who were once mere visitors, and ,for some reason, came back to live in Angra dos Reis, regard it as being true. 

Unfortunately, some modern buildings have been raised around, thereby depriving the fountain of its original characteristics. The general conservation of the monument is, however, considered good. Concerning  its localization, the monument is situated at a public square, just where two narrow streets cross each other. The building consists basically of a central body and a stonebasin into where five spouts deposit water. On the upper portion of the building, more speciffically on its freeze, one can read the words : “Pela Câmara Municipal” (“Raised by the Municipal Council”). Abouve the cornice, situated at the side, one can see two pinnacles and ,in the center, an ornamental frontispiece and a smaller pinnacle. On the right, there is a tank from where the water is drained away.



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