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Municipal Council Building



This building was raised at the turn of the century and was originally devised to work as the only prison of Angra dos Reis. It is situated at Nilo Peçanha Square, in the center of the town, and has suffered some modifications along the years, such as the opening of  some spans and the construction of an external stairway at its front. The front of the building, by the way, faces the square and runs foremost while its back part faces a narrow street named Rua Arcebispo Santos. The Municipal Council building worked as a prison up to the end of the 60’s. It is double-floored and the first floor was originally occupied by cells and a stairway leading to the second  floor (as abouve-mentioned, the stairway is nowadays an external one). The spans along the first floor, in form of segmental arches, lead to single balconies. The front bears five spans and the gaps through which prisoners originally sunbathed have been turned into street doors. Although this building has been somewhat modified along the years, it still bears some of its original characteristics and its general conservation is considered good.


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