Like many Brazilian colonial cities, Angra dos Reis was deeply influenced by The catholic Church. In a small area it is possible to find a great number of convents, churches and monuments, even at The little islands, which is very charming. One example is The Senhor do Bonfim, The Santana and Piedade Churches.

The downtown Angra was built in curves , following The wind that blows all day. Besides The churches there is little left from the old colonial style. Even though a promenade at downtown Angra can give you nice surprises..

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Santa Luzia Church


Convento Nossa Senhora  do Carmo 
Convento São Bernardino de Sena 
Matriz Nossa Senhora da Conceição 
Lapa e Boa Morte (Museum of Sacred Art) 
Ermida do Senhor do Bonfim
Santa Luzia
    Historic buildings


Ilha Grande Attractions

Colégio Naval Building
         Cais de Santa Luzia
          Mambucaba Village
Fish Market
Chafariz da Carioca 
Monument to Aquidabã Shipwreck 
Municipal Council Building
City Hall Building
Volta para "Explorando o Paraíso"

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