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Monument to Aquidab„ Shipwreck



This is an obelisk based upon a stony structure under which rest the mortal remains of the crew of  Aquidab„, a battleship that sank in the coast of Angra dos Reis in january 1906. Aquidab„ was then the most powerful ship of the Brazilian Navy and the accident killed around 60 high officers. Such a disaster frustrated the settlement of the Brazilian naval arsenal in Angra dos Reis, more precisely in a place known as BaŪa de Jacuecanga. If the officers had succeeded in doing it, Angra dos Reis would have become the first military port of Brazil.

The general conservation of the Monument to Aquidab„ Shipwreck is good and its original characteristics have been kept. It was built in 1913 and is situated in a place known as Ponta do Leste, 16 km from the highway BR-101 and near the place where the military port should have been settled. This memorial monument is plenty visited by tourists and many historians have narrated, either in verse or in prose, the history of this place.

The final access is done through a paved road along a village known as Vila da PetrobrŠs or via an anchorage (which is, however, no longer working).


Foto: Fernando Pegorer

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